welcome to awooze talk


It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? Perhaps you're thinking "Where's the catch?" Well, there isn't one! We're able to charge low rates for every international call you make simply by diverting your call via our own internet network. Our policy is simple No contracts, no gimmicks and no strings attached. Customers should not be forced to make a call just to use their minutes before they expire.

Awooze Talk brings you the twin benefit of the lowest call rate and high level of connectivity and the third surprise is the ultimate simplicity of using the service. Just open an account with Awooze Talk and register the mobile, land line numbers from which you wish to make your Cheap Call via the access number.

Once this is done you become a registered user and can start making your cheap Calls to any destinations from your registered phone. This means that there is no changing service provider, buying an additional device, pin number or any installation fee involved. Once you have opened an account you are well on your way to your high quality Cheap Calls. Check out our low rates by clicking the rate tab.

If you have a smart phone and access to 3G or broadband, you can also download our dialer apps from the dialer page. Install your app with the details emailed to you when you opened your account and start making calls with your smart phone over the internet.Awooze Talk's rates are transparent and do not have any hidden costs that could come as a bad surprise and spoil your calling experience.